Sunday, May 17, 2015

Pandawa Beach

Spent my whole day in the beach! Relaxing and chilling in a not too crowded beach and kinda far from the central area in Bali. I was hoping for this situation for quite long. No pollution & no traffic. The only noises that I heard was good musics and sound of waves in the beach. WHAT A HAPPY LIFE!!!

Tried to embrace the beach as a beach boy (NOT A BITCH BOY). I can left my superstar supercolor Adidas X Pharrell Williams in hotel and walking miles away a long the beach with my bare foot. But I can't left my supercool shades from Polette Eyewear to accompany my chill day in Pandawa Beach. Just wearing a simple outfit like an oversized net top and tied wide leg pants. Oh ya ya, not to mention the bucket hat I wore in the photos, I bought in Krisna store in Bali. Do you like it?

Bucket Hat - Krisna, Bali
Sunglasses - Polette Eyewear
Key Necklace - Unbranded
Net Top - Bangkok
Tied Wide Pants - Unbranded



  1. nice eye glasses

  2. sweet temptation.. pengen nyebur ke lautnya nih.. great look, as always <3

    visit mine,
    Miss Aa

  3. you look so coo :D
    love it how the hat make the outfit looks funner <33

  4. So cool !!!!!!!!


  5. oh yeah! that funky hat and rocking pants! Love love


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