Monday, February 9, 2015

Be Thankful!

Sorry not sorry for all those fat bitches who wants skinny legs like me. You girls wants to be skinny and I want to gain some muscle like the other men and the other men wants to be like me of having a beard / facial hair to look more masculine. That's the fact life cycle of human! (sorry I can't help you for that guys, that's more hormon problem). Well, we are standing in the same problem of 'ideal body dream'. You will not achieve what you want if you just sit there and not even doing a movement for your body. You keep eating junk foods and I keep lazy in the bed. You & I should do some excersice and work out at the gym perhaps. WORK YOUR ASS OF TO GET YOUR DREAM 'BODY' COMES TRUE! There's no instant thing in life unless it's a noodle.

I'm currently in love with patterned pants. I can keep my top simple by wearing match plain color like the pattern or just go with the basic black / white. If you are planning to go out and still want to get more attention but don't wanna look too much, this is such a great example to try! I hope you like it ;)

Hat - FOREVER 21
Long Sleeve - ZARA
Bikers Jacket - H&M
Plaid / Tartan Pants - ZARA
Boots - Dr. Martens



  1. Ha ha so funny but so true about who wants slim legs and wjo does not!
    You remind me of a friend of mine... when I am on diet to loose weight
    he is on special diet to gain lol :-D
    Anyways... great tartan pants!

  2. Well yes agree with you. Everyone has their own ideal body, and they will always wanna have the others body. Just be thankful of what we have :)
    Love your boots!

  3. Love the leather jacket and you rock that boots !

  4. well said sir, we (girls) do want your skinny legs :')
    btw love this so street style-ish cool outfit <33

    cheer, michelle ~

  5. I like very much this outfit. I'm totally in love with your pants! I like to see that there are also guys who are interested in fashion. Fashion is not only for female, right? Have a nice day, kisses,

    Eniwhere Fashion
    Eniwhere Fashion Facebook

  6. Really nice boots!

    Sam |


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