Friday, December 27, 2013

Jakarta Fashion Week 2014: Shoes

In the last day of Jakarta Fashion Week 2014 and right before Dewi Fashion Knight show. When I was standing in the lounge with all the Fabulous VIP Fashionistas & Fashionistos, where we were drinking and chit-chat while waiting for the show begins. Apparently, not only the clothes they wear that stole my attention. But the shoes they wear was incredibly fascinated. Look at that amazing cut out boots in the above. I'm dying for those pairs of shoes. And obviously a few of miss socialites wears red soles a.k.a Christian Louboutin. Do you want to see couple of other amazing shoes?

see yaa bye
Fahad Scale


  1. freak shoes i want all of themes


  2. fabulous shoes!! oh how i wish i could call the first and sixth ones mine... nice shots!

  3. that black and white in 7th picture are my favorite!!
    nice snaps baby

  4. OMGG~ cool shoes everywhere :')

    cheer, michelle

  5. Thanks for your comments. I really like your work and your style.
    So has my like :)


  6. those shoes are worth to droll over!! can't wait for us to be hanging out again !


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