Monday, December 7, 2015

J.W ANDERSON-ish : Jakarta Fashion Week 2016 Day 5

One fine day in Jakarta Fashion Week 2016 day 5, my friend who just graduated from fashion school throw me with her collection to be worn to Jakarta Fashion Week 2016. I'm quite shock and yet excited to roll in her clothes. I haven't worn a crop top before and also I haven't worn an unusual shape pants named ambigiously pants. This is how I rolled in Nadia Umammi's collections, she is amazing designer behind the gorgeous clothes!

You know how much I love experiment in clothes, I don't want to limit my style as long as I like it I would to wear it. I'm thinking about my versus #RunwayStealer in action for this look, then I check menswear on internet. I found J.W Anderson's show, the models were wearing crop top and something ecentric. What's your opinion?

Beanie - TOPMAN
Marbel Top - Nadia Umammi
Ambigiously Pants - Nadia Umammi
Bag - Nadia Umammi
Shoes - ZARA



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