Thursday, December 24, 2015


Time flies so fucking fast! I feel like I just freshly graduated last year from my college to get my bachelor degree and this year I had graduated again to get my master degree. I do remember the moment last year, I couldn't be happier than before! So thankful that both of my parents are beside me and proud to see me today (hopefully until the end of time). Thank you Mom and Dad who always stay by my side.

On my special day, I arrange to wear something so special too! Ended up to choose ANTONY MORATO suit in double breasted and trousers to wrap the dandy look. Dropped off classic tie with vintage tie necklace and wear hounds tooth jumper to make me more fashion forward. I'm sooooooo soo happy to be surrounded with those people who loves me. People comes and goes, but those who loves you will stay no matter what. Best friends were coming to my special day to congrats me directly, some of them brought flowers. Look how beautiful the flowers are in my hand! Too bad I broke the plastic wrapped but no worries as long I still can take photos with it!

Hat - H&M
White Shirt - H&M
Tie Necklace - VINTAGE
Houndstooth Jumper - ANTONY MORATO
Shoes - Dr. Martens



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