Sunday, June 21, 2015

Preppy Sporty

When you feel bored with one tone outfit color, make a statement! Look at the baby safety pin in the left side of my blazer, I often got questions about it "why do you put baby safety pin in your blazer?" My reply was "this is a statement!". When you want on point attention to your clothes, wear pattern! Like the camo jogger pants that I wore here. I'm glad to received a box of cool stuffs from Coverlot Indonesia @Coverlot_ina. They sent me brown camo jogger pants and brown sneakers. The jogger pants instantly become my current favorite piece to wear and the sneakers are so light and easy to walk. Coverlot Indonesia is covering your needs from top to bottom! Go go go check their instagram account on @Coverlot_ina to get yours. HURRY UP!

Have you checked @Coverlot_ina collections on instagram? Oh come on, you don't have to wait until the pay day to buy! Coverlot Indonesia selling a good quality product with good price that you can afford with your limited budget, the price is quite cheap! Ssssttt, they are not only selling a product for men but also for women.

Hat - H&M
Big Glasses - Unbranded
Shirt - H&M
Skinny Tie - H&M
Blazer - H&M
Army Jogger Pants - @Coverlot_ina
Sneakers - @Coverlot_ina



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