Monday, March 10, 2014

White Spongebob: Indonesia Fashion Week 2014 Outfit

When cartoon dominated fashion world, there are where playful outfit will be the most interesting part of all. On the latest London Collection Menswear A/W 2014/2015 Katie Eary was successful transform "Punk Mickey" and Bobby Abley presented 'Spooky Mickey'. A night before I went to Indonesia Fashion Week 2014 Day 3, I watched live Moschino Fall 2014/2015 RTW at Milan Fashion Week via instagram, the incredible Jeremy Scoot throws the cutest cartoon on earth "Spongebob Square Pants" walked in the runway. WALK WALK FASHION BABY!
Since Spongebob is my favorite cartoon character and I have collected some cute spongebob stuffs in my room, I'm directly think to ask my baby spongebob square pants bag to accompany my day. So glad that he wants to join me :D ~ While there was raining during the day. Duuhh, a bit worry inside my heart, change or not to change my outfit? I took huge risk then to not changing my pure white outfit cause I believe in myself, I can keep the entire outfit clean all day long. Yes I did, yes I did! *pretend to don't care with the rain outside* The point is, if you don't believe in yourself the who will?

Snapback - Unbranded
Tasbih Necklace - Tanah Abang Market
Oversize Shirt - Unbranded
Transparent Tee - Fred Perry
Printed Cardigan - Thrift Store
Spongebob Bag - KIDS STATION
Ring - FOREVER21
Short - LEVI'S
Legging - Unbranded
Sneakers - TOPMAN



  1. what a bold look! love that cardigan and the spongebob backpack looks adorable! x3

    cheer, michelle

  2. I love your jacket! It looks great paired with the Spongebob bag.

  3. cute!!
    agak shock ternayata Fahad koleksi spongebob hhaha :p


  4. omg who else would go to fashion week with spongebob bag? love how you pair that spongebob bag with this kind of outfit, such an inspiring look!><

  5. I'm in love with your jacket kak, btw moschino bgd nih ya ada spongebob hihi :D


  6. printed cardigannya lucuuuuuu bangettt, apalagi spogebob nyaaa >.<

    Chic Swank

  7. Suka bgt white on white! That Spongebob bag is the perfect addition :) xx

  8. Unique and cool look!

    Love your cardi and bag! <3

    Keren bangett

  9. Your look is amazing! I looooove it (and your hair!!!)!!!! Love Jeremy Scott anyway but in bit whether I like his current creation for Moschino with the M and the fries…

    ♥ ♥


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