Sunday, March 30, 2014

Review Outfit: Indonesia Fashion Week 2014

Have you seen the whole outfit that I wore to Indonesia Fashion Week 2014? NOT YET? Don't worry, I will review all my outfit during Indonesia Fashion Week 2014 here.

Please kindly check my day 1 outfit: Batik Chic, day 2 outfit: Furry Jumper & Jogger Pants, day 3 outfit: White Spongebob, day 4 outfit: Plaid Saroong. Which outfit do you like the most and why?

By the way, I think I need a suggestion what kind outfit I should wear to the next post or to attend an event? Any idea? Feel free to tell me :)



  1. Hi, just found this blog recently. I like your confidence and style, refreshing, though can't say that I like the plaid saroong and spongebob outfit much. Without both the plaid fabric and spongebob bag, I think the two outfits would look absolutely classy, the added accessories just made them look somehow tawdry.

    I like the furry jumper outfit best, wearable, the idea of putting the hat as a finishing touch is a lovely idea. Also, didn't think that furry jumper works really well being worn over a dress shirt. Overall, nice sense of fashion!

  2. My favorite is what you are wearing on the 2nd day!


  3. I lurveee all your style! especialy the plaid sarong! beyond gorgeousness!

  4. white spongebob is my favourite look! <3
    aku lagi suka banget juga pake tas kayak gitu, super lucuuuu <3

  5. You're such a fashion genius! I can't say what's my favorite cause I really love all your outfits!!!


    ✿ ✿

  6. SEMUANYA KETJEEEE PLISSSS! plg gemesh yg second outfit dey fuzzy2 gmn gitcuu plus that spongebob bag is da hits!


  7. Love the day 3 outfit looks so cute with the spongebob bag and your blazer too, and the pink bag on day 4 is so gorgeous! ! Hopefully I can go to IFW next year..


  8. Really nice outfits, like the first and the second one, the blue color fits you very well. Like the Indo-style from the first pic and the blazer from the Spongeboboutfit is also very stylish.

  9. Btw, maybe next time you can wear something really bling bling, I think you can work it out. You can wear it without being trashy or something.


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